EV Importation and Industrialisation


Kenya has a rich e-mobility startup ecosystem and the government is on board to support the transition to clean transportation. The only question is: to import, or to industrialize?

We analyze the policy landscape and opportunities for Kenya, and conclude that Kenya should focus in the short term on importation while building a strong automotive industry in the long term. By providing healthy fiscal incentives for e-mobility, Kenya can accelerate deployment of EVs and deliver an additional $168 million in benefits to the Kenyan economy over the next three years.

November 2023 - download full report


East Africa Finance Acts 2023/4


Within the seven nations of the East African Community (EAC), Rwanda set an early lead with a wide set of policies to support the transition to e-mobility in April 2022.

With new Finance Acts for 2023/4, the policy landscape in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda is shifting to support e-mobility. These changes will directly impact at least 75 companies involved with import, assembly or manufacturing of electric vehicles in these three countries.

We unpack recent policy changes, and highlight the benefits, gaps, and key areas for future improvements.

October 2023 - download full report


Nigeria Fuel Subsidy Removal
- Time for Electric Mobility?

Nigeria's removal of petrol subsidies led to a predictable rapid increase in fuel prices across the country and the region.

We assess the potential impact on electric mobility, and regional impacts as well, noting that low electricity access remains a formidable barrier.

July 2023 - download full report


Kenya E-Mobility Tariff Review

Kenya's new electric mobility tariff offers substantial opportunities for electric mobility in the country, introducing a half-price off-peak base rate, to be implemented first at charging stations.

This paper unpacks the details, and lessons from other countries (Rwanda and India).

April 2023 - download full report


Barriers to E-Mobility in Tanzania

After decades of global stagnation, transportation systems in Tanzania are undergoing massive change, with the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) at the forefront.

We review the main vehicle segments, key barriers and possible solutions. The three main barriers are

  • a lack of supportive policy
  • a dearth of financing options for startups
  • a weak supporting ecosystem.

This report is the first of a two-part series in collaboration with UN-Habitat & the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI).

March 2023 - download full report